Fly Philippine Airlines


We have been wanting to go to the Philippines for quite awhile now and when it all started to become a reality we were even more excited! When it came to looking up flights and how to get to the Philippines, there was only one option in our minds, PHILIPPINE AIRLINES. Because of our incredible experience, we want to share with you why we loved flying PAL and how we are ready to go back!

Top 5 reasons why you should fly Philippine Airlines:

1. Convenience

Not only is Philippine Airlines incredibly easy to book with, they are the only non-stop flight service from the United States to the gorgeous islands of the Philippines. We didn't have to worry about layovers, we didn't have to worry about running through an airport to catch a connecting flight, and we didn't have to extend to 36 hours of travel time from Los Angeles to the Philippines. Due to the convenience of PAL (Philippine Airlines) we were able to take a direct flight (not to mention the inaugural flight) from LAX to Cebu for a total of 17 hours in the air. That is what we call convenient!

2. Comfort

With any international flight, you want to be as comfortable as possible because the second you get off the plane you want to be well rested and ready to explore your destination. Thanks to Philippine Airlines, we were able to fly business class from LAX to Cebu and Manila to LAX which if we are being 100% honest, it was a life saver. 17 hours sounds daunting when it comes to time on an aircraft BUT spending those extra dollars $$ on comfort is worth every penny. The flight to Cebu was incredibly comfortable - not to mention spacious seeing as how we are both well over 6FT tall (ample leg room); we ate dinner, had a few cocktails, watched a movie or two and then reclined our seats for a much needed slumber. Before we knew it, neither of us remembered the last 10 HRS of our flight because we comfortably passed out, giving us much needed rest before our 12-day adventure in the Philippines. Waking up and stepping off the plane feeling little to no jet lag changed our entire trip and it's all because of how insanely comfortable the aircraft was, not to mention the amazing and hospitable crew that made us feel the "Heart of the Filipino" (the airlines slogan).

3. Staff

Our experience in the Philippines proved to us that the Filipino locals are some of the nicest and most hospitable people on the planet and our first experience with that hospitality and service was with PAL. Stepping onto the aircraft for the first time, we were instantly greeted with smiling faces, warm greetings, and amazing service - we knew in that moment, that this was going to set the tone for the rest of our travels in the Philippines. The flight was our first experience with the incredible Filipino culture and it brought new light to Philippine Airlines slogan, "Heart of the Filipino"!

4. In-flight Amenities

What do you do during a 17 hour flight? PAL had it covered! We were able to watch some newly released movies, play games through the inflight entertainment, and ate and drank till our hearts content. We took full advantage of everything during our flight and as we began our descent into Cebu, we did not want the PAL experience to end. When an airline can get you there safe, comfortable AND entertained, they have done their job right. 

5. Gateway to Paradise

Of all the places we have been, the Philippines is by far the most gorgeous country with such a rich history to explore. Every Island you travel to has a different culture yet all are so proud to be Filipino. The beaches are unlike anything you will ever encounter in your life. The people are some of the happiest, most friendly people we have ever met and everyone greeted us with open arms and welcomed us into the Filipino family. The Philippines is a breathtaking country and everyday feels as though you are living in paradise. If the pictures below don't make you want to start planning your trip then I don't know know what will. 

We highly recommend traveling to the Philippines using PAL, you will not regret the experience on the flight and the amazing adventures to be had in the magnificent Philippines. 

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