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Backpacking Boyfriends

we want you to join us as we travel across the globe to experience everything the world has to offer!

Will Jardell and James Wallington have always had the desire to experience the world. When they met in 2014, their love for each other grew just as well as their passion for travel. Their first major trip together was to New York City and during this trip they realized that they are truly the happiest when they are traveling! Since then they have been traveling all over the US and internationally. Together they document their journey every step of the way creating content for Instagram and YouTube hoping to encourage other couples to travel together and experience something new. We hope that you will stick around, subscribe, and watch as we travel across the world! Who knows, maybe you will get bit by the travel bug and have an adventure yourself! 

Happy Travels! 

Will Jardell 

Will Jardell is a model, dancer, and choreographer currently residing in Los Angeles, California. He grew up in Nederland, Texas and attended Texas A&M University earning a degree in biomedical science and minor in art and architectural history. Will was runner up on America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 in 2014 and was able to travel to Seoul, South Korea through the experience. Will has always had a desire to travel and after his experience in South Korea, he has the need to experience more of the world. Will met James Wallington in 2014 and ever since, they have been dating and traveling the world together. Will's favorite country to visit is the Philippines (so far)! There are hundreds of other countries to visit and he cannot wait to experience them all with James by his side. 

James Wallington

Ever since James was a young boy, he has always had a need for adventure. Through the years he has been able to experience travel across the globe (Japan, Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala, The Philippines). Along the way, he was inspired to create Where’s Wallington as an outlet for fellow travel lovers and adventure seekers, to discover more about the world around them. Due to his youthful wonder for adventure, he is able to enthusiastically share his travels in engaging videos that capture hidden treasures of destinations. His love for travel goes beyond sightseeing as he gets involved with the culture, food and rituals of the places he visits as well as adventurous excursions. Through the lens of his camera, he offers refreshing and authentic points of view as if you were traveling alongside him. Back in 2014, James' wandering spirit crossed paths with Will's and ever since they started dating, it has been their goal to travel the world alongside one another. James looks forward to the many adventures in love and in life that await the "Backpacking Boyfriends".

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